Sunday, April 13, 2014

C4T Tyler Rice

For this C4T assignment I was assigned to Tyler Rice. Tyler Rice is an Instructional Technology Specialist and Coach. His blog is titled "Wisdom begins with Wonder". I read his most recent blog post called "Commencement Day". In this blog post Tyler Rice informed his audience that Blue Scholars is one of his favorite music artist. The song in his blog post got a teacher in trouble in Spokane,WA. The reason the teacher got in trouble was because of the profanity in the song. Although the song has a good meaning behind it. Tyler Rice lets his audience make the call on whether or not it is appropriate for the classroom. The song Commencement Day is about the troubles for teachers and students. Our generation is mislead and teachers need new traditions. Times are changing and teachers need to make sure all students are succeeding. A change needs to be made. Tyler Rice is willing and hopeful for the future of our education systems. He says "I gladly share my opinions – with anyone who will listen – about testing, grades, professional development, the purpose of school, punishments and rewards in school, etc."


My comment for Tyler Rice was Hi my name is Brittany Sparks. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently taking a course called EDM 31O and this week I am assigned to comment and summarize one of your blog post. I liked the song. I think it shows real meaning behind it. I would like to teach elementary students when I finish my degree. I do not think I could show them this video. An older class I could see though. Students need to be aware and like you said open to ideas to help improve the education system. This video could be a start to expressing what needs to be changed. Teachers can also find other ways to make a change. Thanks for posting!

The second blog post I read from Tyler Rice was called "Make time for.. Getting Socratic". In this blog post he discusses how he wants to improve the questions he asks in the classroom and that it is his goal for this year. He wants to ask questions that get students thinking deeper into a topic. He wants his students to be able to discuss what they have learned. Tyler Rice wants the questions he asks to help the students move forward in the class and to ask questions to make sure his students are understanding the material. He thinks that asking better questions will produce better results than lecturing the entire class time.

My comment to Tyler Rice was Hi my name is Brittany Sparks and I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really like how you set a goal about asking better questions. I do not think I have had a teacher who has used this method before. I think it is a great idea to ask questions that make students think more deeply into a topic instead of just going on to the next subject. I will definitely take notes of these ideas for when I become a teacher. Thanks for posting!


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