Friday, April 4, 2014

C4T Jason Hahnstadt

My C4T assignment for March was to read Jason Hahnstadt's blog. His blog is titled The Flipped Coach. His first blog post I read was "Flipping in Physical Education 2.0: It’s all about the videos!" which discusses how the flipping teaching method can be used in Phyiscal Education. The method instructors use to teach this is to provide students with videos to view at home the night before the lesson is taught. The videos contain lessons and rules for the games. The students then come to class already prepared to ask questions. This will give the students more time in the classroom. This method is also helpful if a student needs extra instruction and it gives the teacher time to provide feedback to all the students. Students can also analyze themselves through video and critique where and what they need to work on. The following video is a great example of the flipping teaching method in a PE classroom.

My first comment was "Hi my name is Brittany Sparks". I attend the University of South Alabama. I am in a course called EDM 310. I really like the idea of the flipping teaching method in PE. It will save the teacher and students a lot of time. They will get more time to enjoy and play the games in PE. Letting them view the lectures and rules to the game the night before gives the students the chance to have their questions ready at the beginning of class. This method can also be great for feedback.
The second post I read from Jason Hahnstadt was titled "What is Flipped Coaching?". This blog post discusses the defintion of flipped coaching. Instead of lecturing your students during class, the teacher is assigning a video at home to watch. This gives students more freedom and responsibility. When it comes to class time they have more of a chance to get involved in the activities planned. The most important part of flipped coaching is it gives students more time in class to master a concept or skill they just learned. Technology is becoming a big part of Physical Education classes.
My comment was "Hi my name is Brittany Sparks". I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Flipped coaching sounds like a great idea for a PE class. It will give the students extra time to play and learn new games. This will also be great if a student needs extra time learning a new skill or concept.

C4TJason Hahnstadt

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