Friday, April 4, 2014

C4K Summary of March

The first C4k assignment for March was a 2nd grader from Pt England School Auckland, New Zealand whose name was Danielle. Danielle is currently learning how to write simple sentences correctly and independently. Her story is about a toy, Harold the Giraffe. Danielle tells her story about Harold the Giraffe on video so everyone can view it. In her video she describes Harold the Giraffe in great detail. The description Danielle gave of Harold the Giraffe was that he had a yellow body with brown spots. He has a very long neck and he is handsome. She also drew a picture of Harold the Giraffe.

My comment to Danielle was that I loved your drawing of Harold the Giraffe. You are very talented. Good job on your sentence and keep up the good work. The more you practice the easier it gets.

My second C4K assignment was Eric from Pt England School Auckland, N.Z. He has been blogging since year four and now is in year 7/8. He is in Mrs. Lagitupu's class. His blog was titled "Cyclone Lusi". His blog has five paragraphs about the cyclone. The first paragraph described the storm and that it was huge. The storm only hit certain parts of the world. During the weekend a cyclone called Lusi hit North Island of Zealand. Cyclones are dangerous. Heavy winds blow objects everywhere and the storms can sometimes turn into tornadoes or thunderstorms. In his second paragraph Eric informs the world that being near the water during a cyclone is dangerous. In his third paragraph he states how horrible the weather was over the weekend. The fourth paragraph is where he listed the worst things that could of happened. Such as cars spinning out of conrol on the roads. The fifth paragraph I find most important because Eric informs everyone on safety precautions about cyclones.

My comment to Eric was "Hi my name is Brittany Sparks". I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently taking a college course called EDM 310. I enjoyed reading your blog post it was very informative and included lots of details. I like how you included the safety precautions for cyclones. That is very important information to share with everyone including your classmates.

My third C4K assignment is Sesilia from Pt England School Auckland, N.Z. Sesilia is in Mrs. Padget's class. Her blog is titled "Oscar Pirtorius". Oscar Pirtorius is a famous athlete. He is known for winning two gold medals at the Paralympics last summer. Sesilia summarizes the tragic event that happened last year in Feburary. The tragedy begins when Oscar and his girlfriend were sleeping in a hotel. He thought he heard someone in the restroom. He pulled out his gun and shot the door three times. When he opened the door his girlfriend was dead on the floor. He could not believe what he had done. When the court looked back and told him how he killed her he covered his ears.

My comment to Sesilia was that was a very interesting blog post to read. It is good to know the latest news around the world.




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