Thursday, May 1, 2014

Final Project


For our final project the students of EDM 310 were assigned to create an iBook in our groups. My group is called Pintlala. Our group consists of Meagan McRae, Chloe Woodham, and Brittany Sparks. Our theme for our iBook is Cars the movie and our title of our iBook is called "Cruising through EDM 310". Our iBook covers everything we have accomplished this semester. We began our iBook with a group picture and an audio part below it. The second chapter has the sentence and passion videos. The third chapter is our technology tool video. The tools we chose were the SMARTboard, iPads, and an app for the iPad called Storymouse. The SMARTboard can be useful to get student involved and engaged through different games and videos. The iPad can be used in multiple ways. Students can take AR tests on them and they can work on them collaboratively in groups. Story mouse is an iPad app that reads the story out loud to the student. Our fourth chapter consists of our blogs that were critiqued by one another. I chose Peer Editing Blog Assignment 3. Chloe Woodham chose Sir Ken Robinson Blog Assignment 10. Meagan McRae chose Questions Blog Assignnment 4. For Chapter 5 our group chose an individual picture of ourselves and annotated it with a little information about ourselves. Below that we all chose ten related pictures of our own. Chapter 6 consists of our book trailers. Chapter 7 is our video book conversation on Topic 5. For the SMARTboard chapter our group chose to go over our project based learning lesson plan on Planets. For the last chapter we chose three important topics to discuss and write about together. We chose the importance of blogging, iPads in the Classroom, and Project Based Learning. We have finally made it to the finish line and we have learned a lot of valuable information that we will use in the future.