Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Assignment #9

While I was watching the first graders in Mrs. Cassidy's class in Cananda I saw how she approached having technology in her classroom each day. It was unbelievable how much the first graders already knew about technology at such a young age. Mrs. Cassidy's students are learning how to use blogs in her classroom. They enjoy blogging and get very excited when they get to write or receive comments. The students in her classroom are encouraged to become better writers by blogging because it improves their writing skills among other things. They have already mastered the task of writing nice comments on other children's blogs. They are good about not hurting other children's feelings when they comment on their blogs. Mrs.Cassidy makes sure that the children's safety comes first while blogging. She only uses their first name and not their last. They also have a webapage in their classroom. The webpage lets the students access different pages that help them learn. They can also get on the webpage at home. Wikis are another tool used in Mrs. Cassidy's classroom. They create videos and share them with other classrooms around the world. They also get videos from other classrooms. The children always get excited when they receive a video from another classroom.


In the "Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1" she discusses her journey to integrate technology in to her classroom. She says it started out ten years ago when she was given five computers. Then she started using webpages and it went from there. In her classroom Mrs. Cassidy has a classroom web page, blog, and video. She states that she is always adding and trying new things. During the conversation with Dr. Strange she tells us that she has the full support of the faculty and board members to use technology in her classroom. She even has one teacher asking questions and is willing to incorporate it in to his lessons. The parents reaction to the use of technology in her classroom is positive. They really enjoy seeing their children progress throughout the year. They can view their progress whenever it is most convenient to them by looking at their child's blog or page online. Technology is going to part of our future. The tools are not the same as they were when we were in school. Teachers need to be prepared to teach the future generation. Teachers need to use the tools and resources that are available to them online. Another important part of using technology and tools in the classroom is the audience. Students are not only writing for their teachers they are also writing for anybody who happens to stubble across their blogs.

In the "Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 2" Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy talk about where to start with technology. She suggest doing what your interested in. Everyone is different. Start out with something that you are passionate about. They also express the importance of personal learning networks. Mrs.Cassidy and Dr. Strange's advice is to give PLN's a chance and they will become handy to you in the future.

In the "Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 3" Dr. Strange gets some of his former students to ask Mrs.Cassidy some questions. The students asked questions about the previous videos. I will definitely benefit and use the ideas and advice given by Mrs. Cassidy. Her approach to technology gives her students the chance to reach their highest potential.

The techniques I would use from Mrs. Cassidy are having a class webpage. I really like how the children can access their webpage at school or home. It would be a great resource for the students. My webpage would include the activities that we are doing in the classroom, whats due for projects and assignments, and events going on at school. A huge benefit from this technique is that parents can be up to date with what their child is doing at all times. A problem I could encounter would be a child not having a computer at home. I would address this problem by sending letters home each week to inform the students and parents of all the information they need to know.

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 1

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 2

Interview with Kathy Cassidy Part 3


  1. I think you did a great job summarizing these interviews. I liked how you picked up and listed some of the really important facts. One of the facts you included was that Ms. Cassidy uses extreme caution with letting the students onto the internet. I also believe that safety is important, the internet can still be a very dangerous place if not careful. Good job Brittany! keep up the great work!

  2. Good, but please be sure you proofread your post before publishing!!