Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog Assignment #10

This week the students of EDM 310 are to watch "Sir Ken Robinson Bring on the Learning Revolution" speech. The question we are asked is "what can we learn from Sir Ken Robinson?". His video got me to think about what is really going on in education. He starts off saying that there is an education crisis and we need to be aware of this. There needs to be an education revolution. Teachers are still sticking with their old habits. From my understanding, teachers need to get excited about the future and the new ways of teaching. In order to have a transformation in our education systems change is needed. He says one of the challenges is to innovate fundamentally. Innovation is hard work and not easy. It is hard to do because people take so many things for granted. Most of the time people do not even realize this.

In the next part of his speech he says "people do not make use of their own talents". He said "he has met some people who do not think they are good at anything or do not know their talents". Sir Ken Robinson divides the world into two people. He goes on to say there are people who divide the world into two people and people who do not. Some people in this world do not enjoy what they do they endure it. They just get through the day and do not really care about what they do. Then there are people who love what they do. It is not what they do it is who they are. That is who they are and it speaks their most aunthetic self. I think if a person wants to become a teacher they need to be passionate about what they do. Teachers should come to school everyday trying to make an impact in at least one students life.


He discusses what people think about Education. One of the ideas is education needs to be linear. It starts at some point and ends when you have all the knowledge necessary to go through life. He says life is not linear. He thinks life is organic. An organic life is when people find their talents and skills through experiences. But the issue is that people are obsessed with thinking that everyone must go to college. Personally I liked this statement he said "our human community depends on diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability. At the heart of our challenge is to reconstitute our sense of ability and of intelligence." The idea of linearity is causing a problem.

Another important issue he discusses is conformity. The education systems have been built on the model of fast food. Where everything is standardized. We need to recognize a few things here. Human talent is extremely diverse. People have many different aptitudes. It is important to remember that it is all about the passion and what you truly love doing. People are often good at things but don't really care or put any effort into it. A person can always tell if someone truly loves what they are doing. If a person is passionate about something they love it will excite their spirt and energy. When I become an educator I will incorporate fun and interesting activities so students can find their passion.

I will definitely remember the topics discussed in this video and use his advice in the future . Especially when I become a teacher. As educators we need to strive to do our best. As a teacher I need to provide students with the appropriate tools and materials they need to help them learn.



  1. "The education systems have been built on the model of fast food. Where everything is standardized." This is a great point to recognize and understand because just as you said, human minds are very diverse. Allow the students to have creative freedom and to foster this is very important.

    Overall good post, but you do not have working links.

  2. Hi Brittany. I too agree that change in needed in the education system. I look for to aiding in the educational revolution Sir Ken Robinson speaks of . I also found the materials in the video very memorable. As future educators it is important we keep an open mind towards productive changes.

  3. Hey! I totally agree that if you have a passion for something,( like becoming a teacher) that you should go after your passion. You have to block out the negative things from what people say and focus on the things that makes you happy in life. This was a great post overall. Keep up the good work.