Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Assignment # 7

For this assignment, the students of EDM 310 were supposed to watch "The Last Lecture" by Randy Paush. This video is unbelievable and so inspiring. It really makes you take a step back and think about this life. This video makes you want to strive to do your best. The driven question is what do we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Paush?

In his last lecture he discusses how to really achieve your childhood dreams,how to enable the childhood dreams of others, and the lessons he learned.Randy Paush was an ambitious man. He seemed to never give up. One of my personal favorite quotes from him is "Brick walls are there for a reason. Brick walls are not there to keep us out. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop people who don't want it badly enough." From my understanding, if you try your hardest and do your best something good will come your way. Of course there are going to be obstacles along the way. RandyPaushquote

What can I learn from Randy about Teaching? In the first part of the video. Randy discusses one of his dreams. That dream was to become a football player. He flashes back to a football practice when he was nine years old. His coach taught him the importance of fundamentals in football. That can be very important when it comes to teaching as well. Criticism is important. People are trying to help you. There is a right and wrong way of criticizing though. Later on in his life he creates a project based learning class at Carnegie Mellon. The class is building virtual worlds. There are fifty students in the class. There are five projects to be created over the entire semester. The class is told to randomly choose teams and they switch every project. Never set the bar for your class. See how far there potential can go. That is exactly what Randy did with his class. This gave the students an opportunity to express there creativity and have FUN while learning. It is important for your students to have fun. When teaching always try to involve the audience. He states the importance of peer evaluation and feedback.


What can I learn from Randy about learning? Learning is a process. Be a hard worker and a team player. People learn from experience. There will be disappointments about obstacles in life. Never give up. Randy seemed to be a happy person and a big dreamer. That is a big key to success. Be up for trying new things. Think about how you say things to others. All of this advice I have received from Randy I will use in the future.



  1. Very well written. I agree, this video makes you want to do better. We can learn a lot from him, including how to motivate children. He never set limits on his students and they achieved greater than he could imagine. We can also learn his positive outlook on life. He was given three months to live and he chose to give his last lecture instead of feeling sorry for himself.