Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Assignment #3

Peer Editing

An essential part of writing is providing meaningful feedback to your peers.Peer editing can be done in several ways. We need to be careful when we are analyzing others work.In order to write a quality blog post we need feedback from our peers. A crucial factor is to stay positive and supportive while reviewing others work. Be considerate of peers feelings as your editing their work. After carefully reading my group members blogs, I found their post informative and very well written. I did not find any grammatical errors or problems with sentence structure. Since peer editing is a part of the writing process I would post my suggestions publicly. I want to provide helpful tips for my peers and encourage them with meaningful strategies. In the end, I would hope they provide the same feedback for me. This is practice for our future students so we can edit their work correctly.


The first video called "Peer Editing" provides basic instructions to peer editing. These instructions will help students become a successful editor. The most valued aspect to remember when editing is to stay positive. The following three steps will guide you while editing peers work. The first step is compliments. Always start your comments with a compliment. Show encouragement to your peer. The second step is suggestions. The suggestion part can be tricky but continue to stay positive. A suggestion can be anything from organization to the clarity of the paragraph. The final step is corrections. An example may be grammar and punctuation errors.

In the second video "Writing A Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes" clarifies all the possible ways to avoid mistakes when peer editing. At all cost do not be a Picky Patty or Mean Margaret. The peer editing process is done so we can provide meaningful feedback to our peers. These suggestions will help improve our work the next time. This video will help remind all students on the appropriate way to edit.

Remember always stay positive!!


Peer Editing

Writing A Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes


  1. You're right on how when editing our peers work we should consider their feelings.