Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Assignment #6

Personal Learning Networks are people and tools that help us collaborate and consult with other people and professionals. Personal Learning Networks implements your learning. It is a list of people, sources, and things you can use as a teacher and a student. Your Personal Learning Network will help you grow as an educator. A Personal Learning Network is never set in stone. The network enables you to collect information and keep it in one place. The networks are always changing. This makes you a life learner. A PLN must be reliable and sufficient. Personal Learning Networks are not limited. These networks allow you to get advice from around the world.

PLN's can help you as a teacher by keeping your students virtually organized in your class. The video called "A 7th graders Personal Learning Environment" by Wendy Drexler provides an example of a Personal Learning Network being used in a classroom. This 7th grader shows you that technology can give you freedom and responsibility. All of her most important sites are in one column. PLN allows students to organize information and save it so they can come back to it. Also, they give you a chance to use technology as a canvas. Creativity is important. They also give you easy access and ability to handy tools. The Personal Learning Network provides students with a network of people and tools that can help them. They can find experts and other sources for projects and activities. The teacher is not the only source of information anymore.

PLN's are formed by useful websites such as Symbaloo and Netvibes. They are formed by your personal choice. Pick the sites that are relevant and useful to you. It is your preference.

On Symbaloo you can form columns of the sites you have chosen. You can edit them and design them to your own liking. There is a search engine that leads you directly to the sites. To create your own PLN you must first find what you are interested in. Find tools that will help your learning. Search for sites on the internet. Don't stop there! Follow people on social media. See what they have to offer.

My first additions will be twitter and other social media that I am most familiar with. Then I will use the C4T.

My Personal Learning Network consists of interactive websites such as Pinterest, Skype, Twitter, and Facebook. I also added sites that go along with my major. One site provides Teacher Training and Resources. This is my first time using this tool. I am still learning how to use it. It is quite interesting to me. I would like to use this in my future classrooms.

Here is a picture of my Personal Learning Network :)


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  1. "Personal Learning Networks implements your learning. " Implement is not the correct word. Facilitates is.

    "This makes you a life learner. " life-long, not life.

    "...keeping your students virtually organized in your class." What does this mean?

    "PLN's are formed by useful websites such as Symbaloo and Netvibes. " No, you create your PLN.

    You seem confused. Or your writing needs a lot of work. Or both.