Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Assignment #2

In the 21st century teaching will be completely different from when I was in school. Technology is changing rapidly.Devices like the smart board are already being used in schools to help educate.Children are also receiving MacBooks and iPads to take home and do their homework on.Teachers and students are going to have to be familiar with these devices. They are going to have to know how to use and operate them accordingly.The following five videos give us insight to what the future will be like with these devices.

In the first video "Professor Dancealot" by Kari Johnson the teacher is educating the class on different types of dances and how to do them. He uses the smart board to teach the entire time.The professor provides pictures and steps. He even demonstrates the steps.The whole time the students are sitting in their seats bored to death.On the last day of class Professor Dancealot instructs the students to demonstrate the dances in the ballroom.The students are uneasy and lost.He tells them he will video the dances and get back to them with their final grade.The central message of this video is that students do learn from taking notes, but also from being actively involved in the lessons.Hands on learning should be included so every student can participate. I agree with the authors conclusion. The students did not learn anything from just listening and taking notes from the smart board. They were completely lost when they were asked to perform the dances.

In the second video"Teaching in the 21st Century"by Kevin Roberts he tells his viewers what he thinks teaching will be like in the future. Roberts argument is that teachers are not the main source of information anymore. Students have access to all kinds of information.Roberts states that teachers are in the classroom to show students how to use these sites provided for them. The teacher can also suggest where and how to find these sites. Teachers are going to have to change their thinking process in the classroom. He also says we are going to create and evaluate what is being assessed using technology.The students will be taught the skills to be able to experiment, comment, upload, and so forth.Students will be given the opportunity to solve problems on their own but with guidance.I agree with Roberts on how he feels about how teaching is changing.Teachers are moving away from pencil and paper.Technology and group work are becoming a big part of the classroom. If Roberts is correct it will affect me as an educator on how I teach.It will affect me on how I instruct my class.The class will be more self-regulated.In my classroom I will encourage group work and use technology so that students can communicate with each other in a timely fashion.

The third video is called "The Network Student" by Wendy Drexter.This video shows how a student in a class can use the computer and the teacher to learn.The raised question in the video is this" Why do we need teachers?"My reaction to the question and video is this,even though technology is emerging into the classroom and students can find information anywhere we still need teachers.Everyone has had one or two teachers who have really made an impact on their lives and really opened their eyes when it comes to learning.Students need teachers for guidance and support.

The fourth video is "Harness your Students Digital Smarts" by Vicki Davis.Mrs.Davis teaches a technology based class in a small town.My reaction to this video is that Mrs. Davis is inspiring because she knows how to enhance a child's ability to learn by using technology.She wants her class to be knowledgeable about technology and how it works.She encourages and reaches out to her students when they are having a problem.Mrs. Davis also encourages them to use Google to define words.She thinks everyone is capable. Which I think is true. Every student learns differently and has a unique learning style.She shows her students how technology can be a useful tool in the classroom.She is preparing the class for a bright future.Technology is everywhere around the world.

The fifth video is called "Flipping the Classroom" by Lodge McCammon. I have never heard of Flipping the Classroom. I think it is a new innovative approach that will excite students about learning. They will be creative and be prepared. I could see myself using this approach.My only concern is for students who do not have a computer.They could fall behind.It says they are allowed to watch the video at school the following day. Those kids still miss out on the opportunity to ask questions or think about the lesson a day ahead of time. Technologyinschools


  1. Thoughtful. Interesting. These videos got you thinking I think. That's what we want to have happen!

  2. Brittany, when I watched the last video I thought the same thing. Sure the child can use the classroom computer but the teacher will talk about the assignments with the rest of the class that day while he/she is on the computer watching and listening to the lesson that they are discussing. As for the third video I don't understand if the children just use computers everyday then I start to question why do the children need teachers if all of the work and lectures are on the computer? I really liked your blog it made me think about some of the things that I missed when I watched those videos.